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Spending lots of time in the sun in your spare time can brighten your mood and give you a well-needed dose of vitamin D. However, time in the sunlight can lead to the development of spots and blemishes over the years. At Laguna Beach Aesthetics in Laguna Beach, California, aesthetic specialist Adrienne O’Connell, DO, uses a different kind of light called intense pulsed light (IPL) to reduce sun-related pigmented spots and blemishes. To find out more about IPL treatments, request an appointment by phone or online at Laguna Beach Aesthetics today.


What is IPL?

Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a type of light that targets and dismantles pigments within your skin. Most people think of laser treatments when they think of light-based skin care, but IPL isn’t quite the same. Lasers are dense beams of light with just one uniform wavelength, but IPL is scattered, multi-wavelength light. When you see it during treatment, it looks similar to a camera’s flash.

IPL treatments are safe for your skin, and you can use them in any place on your body. During your consultation at Laguna Beach Aesthetics, Dr. O’Connell can help you decide which areas of your skin to target during your treatment. 

What can IPL do?

Dr. O’Connell uses IPL for a treatment called a photofacial. An IPL photofacial improves the way your skin looks by treating or minimizing features associated with sun exposure and other features that make your skin look uneven and discolored. During your photofacial, you can target these specific skin features:

  • Age spots
  • Birthmarks
  • Light freckles
  • Varicose veins
  • Spider veins
  • Rosacea
  • Other red and brown blemishes

The pigments in these blemishes and lesions absorb the scattered IPL light and convert it to heat. The heat causes them to break apart and become less apparent on your skin’s surface. 

What should I expect during an IPL photofacial?

When you come to Laguna Beach Aesthetics for an IPL treatment, Dr. O’Connell begins by cleaning your skin and applying a cool gel that helps direct the light into your skin. She may also give you a numbing cream beforehand to soothe your skin and minimize discomfort. You’ll wear dark glasses during the treatment to protect your eyes from light damage. 

Dr. O’Connell delivers the light to your skin in pulses. With each pulse, you’ll feel a snapping sensation like a rubber band against your skin. Thanks to the numbing cream, most patients find the sensation to be mild. Each round of treatment lasts for just 20-30 minutes. Depending on the amount and severity of the blemishes you want to treat, Dr. O’Connell recommends between three and six treatments in total for the best possible results. 

When you leave the office after an IPL treatment, you can go right back into your normal routine. Your skin will feel a bit sensitive, so you shouldn’t tan or use harsh skin care products until it heals. 

To see if you’re a candidate for a skin clarifying IPL photofacial, call Laguna Beach Aesthetics or request an appointment online today.