Dermatology and COVID-19: What You Should Know

When COVID-19 started to spread last year throughout the world, we began to learn about its symptoms. Aside from shortness of breath, cough, and fever, we now understand that rashes might also indicate that you have the virus.

In a recent study in Italy, out of 88 people who tested positive for the coronavirus, 18 of them showed skin issues, such as hives and chicken-pox-like blisters.

At Laguna Beach Aesthetics, board-certified Adrienne O’Connell, DO, and the rest of our team serve patients in the heart of Orange County with our expertise in skin conditions. We can diagnose your condition, treat your skin, and help educate you on the symptoms of COVID-19.

Common symptoms of COVID-19

You might be familiar with the following common symptoms of COVID-19 that can range from mild to severe:

You should also pay attention to any issues with your skin. As we continue to learn more, rashes are appearing as newer symptoms

Rashes associated with COVID-19

Rashes currently associated with COVID-19 are similar to those you would see with other viruses. They include:


This widespread rash usually accompanies fever, malaise, and a headache. 

Livedo reticularis

This rash is a discoloration of the skin and has a net-like or lace-like appearance.

Cutaneous vasculitis

This group of disorders results in the inflammation of your blood vessels in your skin.

Acute urticaria

This rash appears in hives, or swelling, or both. It can also cause itching or burning, and is usually red in appearance.

Chicken-pox-like blisters

This rash looks like the chicken pox, forming itchy, red blisters on the skin.

COVID toes

This appears as dark, crusted lesions on the top of your toes and fingers that resemble frostbite.

Kawasaki disease

These symptoms occur in children ages 6 months to age 5, causing lesions and a lacy, raised red rash.

If you have COVID-19, your body might develop a rash as a response to the viral infection.

Steps to take

If you have COVID-19, you could be contagious. Since the virus is still spreading, pay attention to any new rashes on your skin to help us learn what’s going on in your body. 

If you have any rashes that could indicate symptoms of COVID-19, contact our office at 949-339-1571 or book an appointment online. As a team, we can evaluate your skin condition and determine your next steps.

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