TempSure Envi: Take Years Off Your Face With This Radiofrequency Technology

What if you could turn back time on facial lines and loose skin without having to endure a painful procedure or spend money on anti-aging potions that may not deliver the results you desire? In the fairly recent past, going under the knife to tighten sagging skin and smooth out wrinkles was your best option for reviving a more youthful appearance. Today, however, radiofrequency (RF) technology has come a long way, and what was once too good to be true is now a wonderful reality. 

At Laguna Beach Aesthetics, in Laguna Beach, CA, Dr. Adrienne O’Connell, embraces this state-of-the-art, anti-aging strategy by offering the FDA-cleared, nonsurgical TempSure™ Envi system for men and women who wish to revive their skin and restore their youthful appearance. Learn how you can take years off your face with innovative radiofrequency technology. 

Tighten loose skin and minimize fine lines and wrinkles 

Akin to learning that dark chocolate is good for you — as in it can help improve your cholesterol levels and boost your brain function — TempSure Envi treatments are a painless way to improve your overall skin tone from the inside out. 

During a typical treatment lasting 30-60 minutes, the TempSure Envi heating device emits safe RF waves that work below the surface of your skin. While the surface temperature remains at a comfortable level — some men and women even describe the treatment as soothing and relaxing — the RF energy heats the tissue below the surface of your skin enough to send a signal to your brain that your skin has been damaged. In response, your body begins to produce new collagen cells to repair it. 

As a result, you get all the benefits of new collagen that acts as a firmer, underlying support structure for your facial skin. What does this mean for you? Wrinkles become smoother and less prominent, and your skin becomes tighter. 

No needles, no surgery, no unpleasant side effects or pain, and no downtime. TempSure Envi is that simple and effective. 

Instant gratification, long-term benefits

Like eating a piece of dark chocolate, there’s nothing unpleasant about the TempSure Envi experience, and you reap the many benefits long afterward. While you may notice a visible difference immediately following your appointment, such as tighter, glowing skin, the maximum results take place over 4-6 weeks. During this time, the new collagen continues to regenerate beneath the surface of your skin, so your face becomes visibly smoother, tighter, and more youthful overall. 

Safe for all skin types 

TempSure Envi is highly effective yet gentle enough for all skin types at any time of year. You don’t have to worry about sun exposure following the procedure — although we do recommend minimizing your time in the sun to prevent future sun damage — so you can fit TempSure Envi treatments into your schedule whenever it’s convenient for you. 

Dr. O’Connell works with you to create a customized treatment plan to meet your anti-aging goals and deliver the results you desire. Typically, a series of TempSure Envi treatments provide the ideal outcome for taking years off your appearance. 

TempSure Envi isn’t just for your face

Although your face is usually the most visible part of your body, especially during the winter months, if you love the results you get with TempSure Envi facial treatments, you can apply this advanced RF technology to other areas of your body. Because the treatment is so gentle, you can tighten skin just about anywhere you have some laxity, including your belly, thighs, and knees. TempSure Envi also improves the appearance of cellulite with the new collagen you produce from within.

While there’s no magic potion that makes you look like you’re drinking from the Fountain of Youth, the FDA-cleared TempSure Envi anti-aging technology may very well be the next best thing. If you have a class reunion coming up, or a special occasion such as a wedding, TempSure Envi can have you looking like you’ve been extra good to your skin for the past few decades.

Ready to look and feel your best? Call Laguna Beach Aesthetics at (949) 339-1571 to schedule an appointment, or request a convenient time through the online booking feature.

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